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  • Moving posts in Jekyll

    I just launched this new blog and immediatly made a huge mistake: I typo’ed the date for the first post … and every subsiquent date thereafter.
  • Microsoft's lies shine a light on mistreatment of WP8 users

    Many people don’t notice just how little love Windows Phone users get; how would they? I’m not talking about how companies refuse to create their flagship apps for Windows Phone– I’m talking about companies that actively refuse to include Windows Phone from using their services. Microsoft, in their latest Windows Phone OS, played a little devious and made their browser ‘pretend’ to be the other guys and it’s exposed a great deal of this misbehavior.
  • Font Awesome for WPF

    A few weeks ago, I was creating a WPF application. It had been a while and I’ve become unfamiliar with the UI resources that are out there. I am, however, a huge fan of Font Awesome. With a little quick wizardry, I was able to generate a resource dictionary that defined text block styles for each of the Font Awesome icons.
  • F1 2013 First Thoughts

    I recently picked up F1 2013 on sale through Steam. I haven’t played any of the previous games in the F1 series, but I’m very impressed with the graphics and gameplay of 2013. One important note: it’s hard. I mean, really hard.
  • New New blog

    I’ve finally decided to give this site a little love, but in a very unexpected way. I decided to remake it in Jekyll. From now on, it’s going to be fast and lean … at least until I muster up enough energy to make the whole thing a SPA.

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