Lee Butler; I met her standing on the overpass above North Avenue on the Beltline. Her cry for attention is humorous and true.

Not religious!
Not political!
Not for sale!
Exercise is great; poetry is better!
Free poems about the Beltline!

I’ve crossed her path before and I’ve heard her beckon; each time has made me smile in passing. Today, I felt obligated to reward her for the smiles and pay her a visit. What I found was an adorable woman worthy of my attention. Standing among sculptures and gravel, she is eager to give away her art; to read it aloud to every willing patron.

With her permission, I’ll be posting her weekly poems as often as I can. Sadly, I’m late to the game, so I’ve already missed many of her weekly poems. She is 13 weeks into her 155 weeks. Why 155? Because William Shakespeare wrote 154 and she aims to one-up “Billy.” Luckily, she had a copy of her first poem for me to post.